Traditionally a ceiling has always been plaster and white paint, there was a period where Artex was very much the trend but generally speaking most ceilings in the UK are plaster + paint. Painting the ceiling relies on a flat ceiling and that will require a skim coat of plaster which in turn requires a plasterer = cost & time.

Mould on the ceiling?

Unsightly mould has always been an issue with painted or Artex ceilings. With modern housing and increased insulation, damp is more common. A good indicator of poor circulation in the house is the build up of mould on the ceilings – typically a corner of the room.

The painted / plastered ceiling

Looks great the day it is painted; a matt white paint makes all the difference. A month or two down the line you notice the first crack, then another. Movement in the house with fluctuating temperatures is often the likely culprit for cracks appearing on the ceiling. Out comes the filler, the sandpaper, and the paintbrush.

The Modern Ceiling

The traditional plastered / painted ceiling has been the default ceiling method for decades. With the advent of wall covering technology there is an easier, more practical method for a ceiling. Ceiling cladding has been available for a long time but in recent years the developments have accelerated to offer multiple options to cover your ceiling.

The Ceiling that looks as good as the day it is installed for years to come

Ceiling Cladding doesn’t degrade over time, it doesn’t crack, Mould simply cannot adhere to it. Maintenance for ceiling cladding is almost non-existent. You fit it once and essentially, that’s it.

Can you fit lights to Ceiling Cladding?

Yes, in the same way you fit lights to a plastered / painted ceiling. You would simply bore out the hole for the required diameter and the lights will clip in as they would on plasterboard.

What options are available for Ceiling Cladding?

There are numerous options available – please see the graphic below that outlines the main styles.

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May 11, 2022 — stephen honeywell