PVC Wall Panels are incredibly popular in the bathroom and have been for a number of years. With the recent advances made in PVC Panel technology, new decors, new matt and low sheen finishes plus new panel sizes – wall panels have become increasingly popular throughout the home.

PVC Wall Panels - The New Wallpaper

Panels have replaced wallpaper in areas of the house with high traffic, where pets are and areas with water and the elements entering the home like the mudroom. PVC panels are built to withstand the rigours of family life plus they are merely a wipe over with a cloth when it comes to cleaning.

When you factor in the latest designs of PVC Panels, the wall-covering that was traditionally solely used in the bathroom is now just as likely to be used to decorate the bedroom.

The Linear Panel Collection

This subtle panel has become one of the most popular panels to be used in the kitchen, the hallway, the bedroom…every room in the house. With its matt finish and vertical lines, this is the panel to use if you want to avoid a visible seam between panels.

Mix and Match

Our Linear Collection is part of our Super 7 range of panels so they will fit together perfectly, they will also fit to our 600mm wall panels to give a smooth flat finish across all the panels. Panel depth is a key factor when selecting panels. If you are using 10mm shower panels for the shower area and 5mm panels for the surrounding walls you will have to factor in the step down from the 10mm to 5mm panel. With our 7mm panels you have a consistent flat finish throughout with no step down.

View our Linear Panel Collection - HERE

June 11, 2022 — stephen honeywell