All our panels are delivered by experienced panel delivery agents. We do not use couriers for one simple reason – too many damages!

There are a number of online suppliers for PVC Wall Panels and Shower Panels who will offer free and fast delivery, the only problem with this is when they rely on the courier network. Your order arrives quickly but with a high probability of damaged panels. This is even more problematic if you have a fitter booked or you have arranged time off to fit the panels yourself.

Our experience is hard won, and therefore we only deliver using our trusted partners. Our delivery agents know how to handle and carry panels, so they arrive in perfect condition. No delays to your next bathroom.

If you are looking at an online supplier for PVC Wall Panels or Shower Panels we would recommend checking how they deliver before you order. If they use a courier it might be an idea to order a few weeks in advance to give yourself time in case you need to arrange a return.

Why do you only deliver in Scotland and the North of England?

We deliver to the areas our delivery agent network covers which now covers central Scotland and the North of England. We will be looking to add additional areas, but we are passionate about delivering the right way, so we make sure that any delivery matches our expectations and more importantly, your expectations. We will update this blog when we add additional areas.

For more information please visit our Delivery page or contact Customer Services

April 11, 2022 — stephen honeywell