PVC Wall Panels are typically 2.7M long. There are a number of instances when you will need a longer wall or ceiling panel such as your ceiling height being higher than 2.7M (more common in older properties) or your ceiling length or width being longer than 2.7M

What are the options for ceilings and walls longer than 2.7M?

You can use a standard length 2.7M panel and connect another panel using a H Trim (PVC Panels have T&G on the sides not the ends). This will leave a visible join, but it is an effective method.

The 4 Metre PVC Ceiling & Wall Panel

We do have 4 Metre panels available; the advantage of this method is the lack of any visible join, so you have an uninterrupted run from either floor to ceiling or for a ceiling – wall to wall.

Please see our 4M PVC Panel collection here

How do I fit a 4M PVC Panel?

You fit a 4M panel using the same methods as you would the standard 2.7M panel. A good quality PVC Panel Adhesive, staples or screws is all that is required. We would advise a second pair of hands as the additional length does present a handling challenge.

See our Wall Panel fitting guide here.

Are there trims available for 4M panels?

Yes, see our trim collection here. Please note 5mm trims come in 2.7M lengths
August 11, 2022 — stephen honeywell