New Ranges of PVC Wall Panels

Because Cladding Direct are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of decorative PVC wall panels we like to stock all the latest designs and colours.  We have now updated our range to include stunning new designs from the likes of Vox, Duma and also the new Elegance range giving you much more choice on colour and style.

About Vox Wall Panels

Vox panels have been around for a few years now but their selection of designs is second to none and the range keeps growing to include one of the widest range of textured and true to life design panels available on the market.

Vox Motivo Pezzo Wall Panels

Vox Motivo Range

The Motivo range by Vox are Vox’s signature range and comprises a collection of popular styles including wood effect, tile designs, marble and stone effects, all printed to a high quality to immitate their real life materials.

Browse Vox Motivo Wall Panels

Vox Feeling Range

The Feeling range by Vox were designed to give a more life like look and feel by creating a textured panel.  This textured effect enhances the panels life like properties and really ads to the panels impact.  The Feeling range are available in a small selection of designs.

Browse Vox Feeling Wall Panels
Vox Feeling Mattone Rosso Wall Panels
Vox Marmo Filo PVC Wall Panels

Vox Marmo Range

The Marmo range by Vox feature a well designed selection of tile and mosaic styles designed to give your bathroom or shower area a premium look and feel without the expense that comes with tiling.

Browse Vox Marmo Wall Panels

Vox Kerradeco Range

The Kerradeco range by Vox are Vox’s premium range of panels and are a true innovation in wall panels.  They are manufactured with their own unique material and are solid rather than corrugated.  This makes them extremely strong and they are also tongue and groove all the way around which means they can fit any size room.

Browse Vox Kerradeco Wall Panels
Kerradeco Grey Tile Wall Panels

About Dumapan SMP Wall Panels

The SMP range by Dumapan are a truly unique range of panels which are created usng the latest digital printing technology resulting in a truly lifelike image and the images are intended to give the illusion of a 3D surface which is so realistic the panels have to be seen up close to be believed.

Grey Brick PVC Wall Panels
Grey Brick Effect PVC Wall Panels
Small Grey Mosaic Tile Wall Panels
White Tile Wall Panels
Beige Mosaic Tile Wall Panels
Wood Effect Wall Panels
Browse the Dumapan SMP Range

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