Shower panels are slightly different to cut than wall panels due to the increased depth of the 10mm panel.

They can be cut with basic tools however such as a fine toothed saw or jigsaw. You can use a circular saw with a fine toothed blade but it is often overkill as just like a wall panel there is very little resistance when cutting. A Stanley knife is a useful additional tool for trimming either the tongue or the tab on the groove.

Cutting a Shower Panel with a fine toothed saw.

A 1 Metre Shower Panel weighs approximately 16 Kgs. Before cutting, ensure you have a stable base to place the shower panel, two sawhorses are ideal.

Mark the panel to your desired length using either a fine tipped marker or pencil. With a fine toothed saw (PVC Predator Saw is ideal) cut slowly with the decorative face up. This method will leave a clean edge.

Cutting a Shower Panel with a jigsaw

Use the same process as above with regards positioning the panel on a stable base before cutting. Place the decorative face down when cutting a shower panel with a jigsaw. A jigsaw cuts on the upstroke.

Can you use a Multi Tool to cut Shower Panels

Yes. A multi tool is ideal for centrally located cut-outs

We would recommend scoring the outline first as a Multi Tool blade can drift easily, the high vibration and solid surface can make it difficult to control. The score cut will give a line to work to and a vertical plunge cut tends to work best with PVC Shower or Wall Panels. 


Are Shower Panels easy to cut?


They are all round a tougher/thicker panel than wall panels but are still very easy to cut and shape. As an indicator of cutting resistance an approximate equivalent would be 6mm plywood.

What is the best tool for cutting shower panels?

Our default recommendation for cutting shower panels is the PVC Predator Saw from SPEAR & JACKSON, in our experience it gives the cleanest edge of all of the handsaws available. 




Do you have any questions regarding cutting or fitting Shower Panels? If so, our customer service team are on hand to offer advice throughout your project. We are always happy to help.