Wall Panels are for the bathroom, for the kitchen, the living room...every room in the house.

Traditionally PVC wall panels were for the bathroom but as more and more decors have arrived, the panels have grown in popularity and are now used throughout the home.

The benefits of a PVC wall panel are well known and customers utilise the wall panel’s feature in the kitchen and beyond.

Wall panels for the Kitchen?

When you consider how easy it is to clean a wall panel, they are an obvious fit for the kitchen. Easy to clean with panel cleaner or soap and water, they are perfect for a kitchen splashback and offer an ideal wallcovering throughout the kitchen. Wall Panels are a very effective DIY project where you can transform your kitchen in a few hours or less.

Tiles or Wall Panels for the Kitchen?

For many years the default choice for the kitchen were tiles but that was from a time when there was little in the way of choice. When you factor in the cost of tiles, how long it takes to install and the constant battle with the grout, it is not difficult to understand why kitchen wall panels are replacing tiles.

Too much work to remove your existing tiles? Then don't. You can fit wall panels direct to tiles using silicone sealant, this can freshen up a tired kitchen in a few hours.

Installing Wall Panels in the Kitchen

In contrast to tiling, installing wall panels is straightforward. No trades required, no messy grout, no difficult cuts. With the tongue and groove on wall panels, this is a task well within the reach of basic DIY skills.

Wall Panels - The Affordable Option

When planning your new kitchen, the costs can quickly add up...then you add tiles and installation costs. Wall Panels will be significantly lower cost than tiles. As an example of using panels above the counter top, look at the graphic below...



For a 250cm wall you would require 2 x 250mm x 2700mm wall panels (panels cut into 10 x 50cm sections) You could fit the panels direct to tiles or to the wall using an adhesive, they push fit with their tongue & groove joint and easy to cut in both length and for electrical cut-outs.

Calculate to tile the same area and COMPARE


Multiple Decors to Match Your Style

Choose from a huge range of decors to match your kitchen style. Panels come in multiple widths, multiple decors and you can choose from gloss or matt in many decors.




 Choose from our on trend linear collection or a plain panel for the minimal aesthetic. We have striking stone finish panels or for that bit of glamour use sparkle for a feature wall. Whatever your style, we’ll be sure to have a décor that matches. 

The Easy Clean Hygienic Wall Covering

So many of our customers choose wall panels because of the constant battle with grout. When you consider the steam and condensation in the kitchen, grout is susceptible to mould and once it starts it is very difficult to keep on top of it.

A wall panel has a wipe clean surface so its easy to give the wall a quick wipe over and the panels will look as fresh and clean as the day they were installed. You can also factor in that wall cladding is 100% waterproof, something else you dont have to think about. Keeping your home clean has never been more important than it is currently - choose the easy option.

How Many Panels for your Kitchen?

The simplest way to calculate is to divide the length of the wall by the width of the panel. Treat each wall as an individual measurement and when you have units to factor in, measure the wall where you want to fit cladding (without units) and divide the length by the width of your chosen panel.

If you need any help we have the best customer services team in the industry, if you contact us with your measurements we will calculate number of panels required.