Grey, the current No.1 colour choice for bathrooms

Grey is an incredibly popular choice for the home, especially the bathroom. It is a colour that can straddle both contemporary and traditional bathrooms...perhaps a good starting point is to understand why this colour is so popular.

Primarily it is the versatility of the colour grey that has driven its popularity. The neutral that works with so many colours, from beige panels to white bathroom panels, it is the perfect complement to so many and the background for so many colour combinations. Grey as a background colour allows a paired colour to pop.

Colour Combinations

The colour Grey has multiple tones and all compliment a crisp white bathroom suite. Another feature of its timeless popularity is how it pairs with brightly coloured accessories, towels, bath mats even the humble (or not) shower curtain. The colour green pairs with grey incredibly well, the many shades of green in bathroom plants work with a grey backdrop.

You can use striking colours like a lime green or a bright orange with your bathroom accessories, the grey background works in harmony with both bold and subtle. Pastels like blue and pink also work great, it goes back to our first point - grey is so popular because of its versatility.

Strong or light Grey?

We tend to advise lighter with small bathrooms or bathrooms with limited light, a very popular combination is light grey or white wall panels paired with darker grey bathroom furniture. We have created a collection of our light to mid tone grey bathroom wall panels below...



Dark Grey works best in slightly larger bathrooms and with bathrooms that have a lot of light. Pair with a white bathroom suite and you can accessorise with bold or subtle colours. Or you could use one wall as a darker grey feature wall

Need Some Inspiration? Try our Sample Service. 

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