Time to upgrade the kitchen. You start the search and there are a host of options Glass, Acrylic, Stainless Steel etc

There is an easier option. Our Kitchen Splashbacks are easy to fit but more importantly they are easy to cut. If you look at the options available online you will note that many are pre-cut to the dimensions you provide, what happens if you get the measurements wrong?

Our Splashbacks come in 3000mm x 600mm and can be cut to match your space. Cut-outs for sockets? No problem, use either a multi-tool or jigsaw.

The Affordable Splashback

Compare our prices to the splashbacks you see from splashback suppliers, we are the cost effective choice and a quick Google will confirm. Its never been a better time to upgrade the kitchen or carry out a simple refresh, our high gloss Splashbacks can lift any space.

Choose from…

We have six on trend colours to choose from, all with a High Gloss sheen making them incredibly easy to clean and hygienic.

Our Splashback collection also has a wide range of trims to add that extra finishing touch to your installation.

Start with a sample

We always recommend requesting a free sample (£1.99 P+P) to help you choose your colour option, it is far easier to assess the colour when you can view it in your kitchen and match it against existing or new cabinets/worktops.

Request your free sample(s) here
March 28, 2022 — stephen honeywell