Why choose our stone effect wall panels?

Our stone wall panels give your home a stone aesthetic with no drawbacks. Unlike natural stone, our stone effect PVC cladding is incredibly easy to install (simply slot in the panels) and cost-effective. 

As striking as stone looks, it’s an expensive material to install and replace should you incur any chips or cracks to the surface of your floor or wall. With stone effect wall panels, you’re investing in an incredibly hard-wearing product, much more practical and durable than stone. 

Stone effect panels will also make your life much easier when cleaning; stone can be a nightmare! The porous nature of many types of stone means that spills and stains can very quickly cause costly damage, and you should avoid more potent cleaning products.

With PVC, you can use any cleaning product, while cleaning is super quick and easy and involves a simple spray and wipe down of the surface.