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Why choose tile effect wall panels over traditional wall tiles?

A tiled finish is popular in traditional and contemporary bathrooms and wet rooms. Many homeowners opt for tiles as a go-to look, but unfortunately, they’re not without drawbacks. 

At Cladding Direct, our substantial selection of tile effect wall panels offer the same aesthetics without many of the negative aspects of this much-used material. As a result, you can reap many benefits by plumping for PVC wall cladding over ceramic tiles. 

  • PVC cladding costs less

That’s right, installing tile effect PVC panels over ceramic tiles will cost you much less money! Gone is the need for individual tiles, spacers, and grouting; just calculate how many easy-to-cut panels you require for your space. 

  • Wall cladding is easy to install

As well as forgoing the materials you’ll need while tiling, PVC cladding is much easier to install. Each panel is easy to cut and slot in place; simply grab some cladding trims and sealant, and you’re good to go!

  • PVC wall panels last longer

They might cost less and be far easier to install, but that doesn’t mean PVC panels are of inferior quality - quite the opposite! Each panel is designed with hard-wearing PVC to withstand cracks, bumps and bangs that would otherwise compromise traditional tiles. 

  • PVC wall cladding is more hygienic

This rigid PVC composition also provides a smooth, easy-to-wipe surface that offers superior hygiene. Unlike ceramic tiles, which feature inconsistencies, grouting and can crack and chip, there’s no place for dirt, bacteria and mould to hide.