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Choosing the right beige wall cladding

Cladding Direct has a great selection of choices, with various styles available to match a host of decor styles, so picking the perfect beige wall cladding can be confusing.

To make things a little easier, we’ve highlighted some of our favourite styles and how you can incorporate them into your bathroom or wet room interior.

  • Marble style wall cladding

Among the most popular wall cladding styles and a material used universally across many upmarket bathroom interiors, the marble look is highly sought after. Our marble effect wall panels give you a convincing look at a fraction of the cost while proving much easier to install, clean, and maintain. 

  • Stone style wall cladding

Incorporating natural materials into our bathrooms is a popular choice; it gives our home an earthy, grounded feel and makes the room feel like a natural retreat. With beige stone effect wall panels, you get all the benefits of soft stone without heavy, costly materials. We recommend working in rustic textures and plants around this style.

  • Urban style wall cladding

Modern interiors are favoured thanks to their clean lines and spacious feel. With our urban style wall panels, you can bring the best out of your chic, contemporary fixtures and fittings. We suggest adding pops of colour with greenery and foliage so things don’t look too flat.