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Which white wall cladding should I choose?

Here at Cladding Direct, you’ll find an extensive selection of white wall panels in various sizes and styles available. But, of course, the best option for you depends on your interior type and furnishings, plus the overall effect you want to achieve aesthetically. 

  • Marble style PVC panels

Timelessly classic and a popular choice in traditional bathrooms, our Italian marble panels allow you to achieve upmarket, eye-catching style at a fraction of the cost. This aesthetic looks great alongside traditional bathtubs and gold fixtures. 

  • Sparkle style PVC panels

What’s life without a bit of sparkle in it?! Our sparkle panels will give your wetroom or bathroom the wow factor, with flecks of light attracting the eye wherever you look. This style looks fantastic alongside granite surfaces. 

  • Urban style PVC panels

If your home features clean lines and modern touches, then our urban style PVC panels are a perfect choice. We recommend softening up this style with the addition of plants and greenery. 

  • Wood-style PVC panels

Our wood-style panels are the perfect inclusion if your home has a natural feel and many earthy elements. This style works well alongside many different textures, so feel free to work it alongside brick and plenty of foliage.