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Luxury vinyl click flooring for any room of the home.

Cladding Direct is home to a stunning variety of vinyl click flooring that offers a practical and aesthetically pleasing addition to any living space. You’ll discover a wealth of choices among our stock, so depending on your interior or tastes, you’re sure to find the right flooring for your home. 

Just some of our luxury vinyl click flooring include: 

  • Sandstone - The soft tones and shading of sandstone look great in various spaces, but it looks best in light-filled rooms that allow the sandstone aesthetic to shine.

  • Verona grey marble - Packed full of character, veining and light and dark shades, you’ll swear this flooring was natural. It looks stunning in both contemporary and traditional spaces.

  • White oak - Mimicking natural oak convincingly, this vinyl flooring will make darker spaces sing and give the impression of a much lighter, spacier room.

  • Walnut - Dark, dramatic and one for the traditionalists, our walnut vinyl flooring adds warmth and depth to any room. 

As well as nailing the aesthetics, our range of vinyl click flooring ticks all of the boxes when it comes to practicality. Much like our PVC wall cladding, they’re far more cost-effective than natural stone, marble and wooden flooring, less labour intensive, easy to install yourself, waterproof and long-lasting.