Complete your contemporary interior with our Urban Collection wall cladding

Achieving the right textures and aesthetics is incredibly important for completing your project and realising precisely the look you were after. Unfortunately, many materials that complement modern interiors, such as stone and concrete, can be expensive to purchase and awkward to install due to their weight. 

By investing in high-quality products from our Urban Collection, you can achieve the decor of your dreams at a fraction of the cost and with far less mess and stress. 

Our urban style wall cladding allows you to convincingly incorporate the appearance of stone and concrete into your bathroom or wet room in one quick, easy installation. Once installed, you’ll benefit from a much more hygienic product than actual stone and brick, thanks to smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces that don’t harbour dirt and bacteria. 

The hard-wearing PVC composition of our urban style wall panels means that you’ll avoid cracks and chips that can quickly occur when dealing with stone and concrete. This durability means that you will save money and enjoy the finish of your bathroom for years to come.