Shower Panel and Wall Panel Delivery – The Cladding Direct Way

Shower Panel and Wall Panel Delivery – The Cladding Direct Way

All our panels are delivered by experienced panel delivery agents. We do not use couriers for one simple reason – too many damages!

There are a number of online suppliers for PVC Wall Panels and Shower Panels who will offer free and fast delivery, the only problem with this is when they rely on the courier network. Your order arrives quickly but with a high probability of damaged panels. This is even more problematic if you have a fitter booked or you have arranged time off to fit the panels yourself.

Our experience is hard won, and therefore we only deliver using our trusted partners. Our delivery agents know how to handle and carry panels, so they arrive in perfect condition. No delays to your next bathroom.

If you are looking at an online supplier for PVC Wall Panels or Shower Panels we would recommend checking how they deliver before you order. If they use a courier it might be an idea to order a few weeks in advance to give yourself time in case you need to arrange a return.

Why do you only deliver in Scotland and the North of England?

We deliver to the areas our delivery agent network covers which now covers central Scotland and the North of England. We will be looking to add additional areas, but we are passionate about delivering the right way, so we make sure that any delivery matches our expectations and more importantly, your expectations. We will update this blog when we add additional areas.

For more information please visit our Delivery page or contact Customer Services

April 11, 2022 — stephen honeywell
The Internal Corner – Is this the most important Trim?

The Internal Corner – Is this the most important Trim?

When planning your bathroom panel installation you will come across multiple references to PVC or Aluminium Trims. A question we often field is are they necessary? They are not in the strictest sense but they do make a big difference to the level of finish with your panels.

A trim for every occasion

Each trim serves a specific purpose, you have dedicated trims for the ceiling, to end a panel, to wrap an external corner etc. Many add aesthetic appeal and generally make a big difference to the finished job. An important point is professional bathroom fitters will always use trims. They are used extensively to cover a cut panel or to protect a corner or to close the gap between wall panel and ceiling panel.

The one trim we always recommend – The Internal Corner.

Why do we always recommend the internal corner? The trim is the perfect way to connect two panels in an internal corner but they play an important role in addition to aesthetic appeal – waterproofing. With an internal corner in a shower or above a bath, an internal corner will be fitted first and the panels are fitted in each slot with silicone sealant. It is this silicone sealant and the surface area that is covered that makes the trim so effective at creating a waterproof joint.

If you are going to buy one trim, make sure it’s the internal corner and we just happen to have an extensive range in both PVC and Aluminium – view Trim Collections.

April 04, 2022 — stephen honeywell
Acrylic Kitchen Splashbacks | SuperGlass - The Easy Option

Acrylic Kitchen Splashbacks | SuperGlass - The Easy Option

Time to upgrade the kitchen. You start the search and there are a host of options Glass, Acrylic, Stainless Steel etc

There is an easier option. Our Kitchen Splashbacks are easy to fit but more importantly they are easy to cut. If you look at the options available online you will note that many are pre-cut to the dimensions you provide, what happens if you get the measurements wrong?

Our Splashbacks come in 3000mm x 600mm and can be cut to match your space. Cut-outs for sockets? No problem, use either a multi-tool or jigsaw.

The Affordable Splashback

Compare our prices to the splashbacks you see from splashback suppliers, we are the cost effective choice and a quick Google will confirm. Its never been a better time to upgrade the kitchen or carry out a simple refresh, our high gloss Splashbacks can lift any space.

Choose from…

We have six on trend colours to choose from, all with a High Gloss sheen making them incredibly easy to clean and hygienic.

Our Splashback collection also has a wide range of trims to add that extra finishing touch to your installation.

Start with a sample

We always recommend requesting a free sample (£1.99 P+P) to help you choose your colour option, it is far easier to assess the colour when you can view it in your kitchen and match it against existing or new cabinets/worktops.

Request your free sample(s) here
March 28, 2022 — stephen honeywell
Our Best-Selling Shower Panel by far – Concrete Dark Grey.

Our Best-Selling Shower Panel by far – Concrete Dark Grey.

Grey is still very much the on trend colour and the Concrete Grey Panel is the perfect example. With its Matt finish and industrial aesthetic our customers have used this panel throughout the house – from the Bathroom to the Boot Room.

The Tough Panel for every room in the house

The 10mm Tough panel is built to withstand the rigours of family life which is in part a large element of the appeal. You really can use this panel anywhere

Easy Installation and Easy to Clean

All of our panels are easy to install (see our guides here) and with an easy to clean surface, this is the wall covering that requires little to no maintenance.

Concrete Grey Shower Panel - In Stock now

We are one of the largest panel suppliers in the UK and hold vast stocks of our best selling Concrete Grey and our range of shower panels.

March 21, 2022 — stephen honeywell
New Ranges of PVC Wall Panels

New Ranges of PVC Wall Panels

Because Cladding Direct are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of decorative PVC wall panels we like to stock all the latest designs and colours. We have now updated our range to include stunning new Tile designs plus the Linear collection. This is the collection that is popular for every room in the house. 

March 14, 2022 — stephen honeywell
Bathroom Wall Panels

Bathroom Wall Panels

Cladding Direct specialise in waterproof PVC bathroom wall panels which are the modern day alternative to tiles. Fully waterproof, they are perfect for wet areas such as bathrooms, showers and wet rooms so there’s no need to worry about leaks or water damage. There is no need to worry about grout or mould build up, the flush tongue and groove system means you have a smooth join and there’s nowhere for mould and dirt to build up.

No specialist tools are required for installation, just simple hand tools is all you need to cut and fit the panels so there’s no need to hire a professional tiler.  You can view our fitting guide for advice on how to install our PVC wall and ceiling panels.

Our range of PVC wall panels are made from quality materials and built to top quality standards, this coupled with the lowest prices possible makes Cladding Direct the No.1 choice for Bathroom Wall Panels and Shower Panels.

March 07, 2022 — stephen honeywell