Shower Panels have become one of the most popular bathroom wall coverings in recent years thanks to their incredible range of features such as ease of installation, affordability and waterproofing performance that is difficult to match with any other wall covering.

Their growth in popularity is in large part down to shower panels being the easy solution. The no maintenance wall covering that won’t degrade over time. A shower panel will look as good as the day it was installed for years to come.

Is cleaning the bathroom really that important?

In a word, yes. It is the little and often approach that wins the day with bathroom maintenance, keep on top of the cleaning to prevent any build up of residue and any chance of mould growing. With a tiled bathroom you will need to factor in more time for cleaning and that is mainly because of the grout – mould can quickly establish itself in the grout lines and we have all seen what happens to grout once it is stained.

With Shower Panels – it is both easier and quicker. No heavy abrasives required, no bleach, no scrubbing. A quick wipe over with either soap and water or a dedicated PVC Panel Cleaner is all that is required.

How often should I clean my PVC Shower Panels?

A good rule of thumb is clean the bathroom or shower area once a week. Obviously, this is a variable as it depends on how often the shower is used. How many people live in the house? A person living alone will need to clean their bathroom far less than a family with three children, so you adapt your cleaning regime to the requirements of the household.

The easier the shower area is to clean, the more likely you will do it. Its really a question of available time, do you have time to scrub tiles and stained grout? This is a big part of why shower panels and PVC panels are so popular – its all just easier and far quicker.

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September 12, 2022 — stephen honeywell