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Versatile blue wall cladding from Cladding Direct

Blue wall panels are a versatile addition to any interior wall. Given the broad spectrum of shades that blue encompasses, you’ve got a considerable scope of colours to play with. 

As well as working well alongside other shades of blue, our PVC wall cladding is adept at slotting in alongside light tones, darker colours and lifting neutral shades such as white and grey. So, if you’re looking to give your interior design the edge, it's a great option to choose.

It looks great, but you'll find that our blue wall cladding is practical too. Unlike traditional tiling, PVC wall panels are super easy to install, and once fitted, they're far more hygienic than tiles. In addition, smooth panels and the absence of grouting mean fewer places for dirt and bacteria to hide, significant causes of mould and discolouration.

What's more, our panels are far more sturdy than tiles. Comprised of rigid PVC, you can steer clear of cracks and chips, meaning that you'll get a much longer lifespan out of blue wall cladding.