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What size are the panels?

The size of our panels vary slighly between designs but most are 2.6m long, 25cm wide and 8mm thick. You can see the specific dimensions of each panel in the product description on each product page.

For help converting between metric and imperial sizes you can use the handy tools on the Unit Converters website.

Do I need trims?

Our trims are completely optional but they do help to add those finishing touches to your bathroom or shower area. The trims are also useful for hiding any bad cuts or if your walls aren’t straight or the panels don’t quite meet in the corners the trims can be useful for hiding these gaps.

Can the panels be cut to size?

Yes the panels can easily be cut to any size using just simple hand tools. The quickest and easiest way to cut the panels is to use a sharp knife such as a stanley knife, simply score the panel across the short width and it should break off easily in a straight line. Alternatively you can use a saw or fine tooth hacksaw to cut the panels.

If cutting the panels length ways the same tools can be used however the panel will not just break away if using a knife so you will need to cut all the way through the panel or cut one side at a time.

You can also use hole cutters for cutting light fittings or holes for pipework etc as well as cutting shapes and corners for angles and corners.

Are the panels waterproof?

Yes, the panels are made from a non-porous pvc material so they are waterproof however we do recommend that between the tongue and groove joins of the panels to place a small amount of clear silicone to create a watertight seal when the panels are to be used in wet areas such as shower enclosures.

Are they only for bathrooms?

No, the panels are suitable for any room of the home including bedrooms, kitchens, cupboards and many other uses.

They can be used in workplaces too such as cafes and restaurants, the panels are hygienic, waterproof and easy to clean which makes them ideal for commercial use.

Are the panels fire safe?

Yes, all the panels we supply are Class 1 fire rated which means they have a low fire spread rate, however they are made from plastic so will burn and melt if placed next to a direct heat source. Because of this we do not recommend the panels for use around fire places, behind hobs or cookers or other hot surfaces.

The panels are however perfectly suitable on walls behind radiators or wall mounted tv’s etc.

How are they installed?

The panels can be installed in a number of ways but the most straight forward way is to use solvent free* adhesive. The panels can be placed straight over the top of existing tiles, plasterboard or a wooden framework.

You can also use screws or staples to attached the panels on the tongue and groove edges.

*Please note it is important to use solvent free adhesive as solvent based adhesives may corrode the panels.

Can they be used outdoors?

For this reason we also recommend any cutting is done indoors to minimise exposure to sunlight and prolong the life of your panels.

Can they be used as flooring?

No, unfortunately our panels are not suitable to be used as flooring, while they are strong and durable they will break or dent if stood on.

Do I need to use grout or special fillers?

No, there is no grout or special filler required to use our panels, we do supply a range of optional trims but they are not required.

This is one of the main benefits of using pvc cladding panels as there is no mould or grout to worry about.

How long to pvc cladding panels last?

We only recommend to clean the panels with hot soapy water, never use any chemical based cleaners, harsh abrasives or scrubbing pads with the panels and this can damage the panels.

Can I mount unit to the panels.

Yes, as long as the wall behind the panels is supporting the load of whatever you mount to the items, the units or other items should be flush against the panels and not over tightened.

The panels are not designed to be load bearing so any screws should be fastened securely to stud work or your wall.

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