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Why choose wood effect PVC wall panels?

The majority of people love the look of wood in their homes. It's among the most commonly used building materials thanks to its inviting tones, textures, and the ability to withstand the test of time (with proper care). 

With that said, wood is prone to fragility and damage. Whether that’s warping due to temperature, swelling or damage through exposure to moisture or an infestation of woodworm and subsequent rot, the problems you can experience with wood in the home can be worrying. 

Wood effect panels eliminate all of these problems while also offering plenty of other benefits. For example, PVC cladding is more cost-effective than the real thing, plus they’re easy to install, able to withstand damage and impacts and ideal for both wet and dry environments. 

If you’re all set on installing wood effect PVC panelling, don’t forget those all-important trims, tools and accessories while you’re here!