How To Clean Wall Panels

The 1 Minute Guide to Cleaning Your Wall Panels

PVC Wall Panels are the easy to install solution for your bathroom. One of the reasons Wall Panels have become so popular is how easy they are to clean, no stained grout to worry about, no build up of mould. 

With our PVC Wall Panel cleaner or simply soap and water, your panels will look as good as the day they were installed for years to come. NO scrubbing, NO bleach, just spray on and wipe off.  

Step 1

Spray surface to be cleaned with PVC Panel Cleaner or Soapy Water from about 15 - 20 cms away from the panel.

Step 2

For stubborn marks leave the solution for 30 seconds

Step 3

Rinse out your cloth or sponge and wipe off cleaning solution.

Step 4

For that extra sparkle wipe over with a dry cloth.