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Enhance your home with mosaic wet wall panels.

Mosaic tiling is an ancient building and styling technique that dates back to the 3rd millennium BC. In these times, practitioners would use combinations of coloured stones, pebbles, ivory and seashells to achieve a mesmeric blend of textures and colours. 

The ancient Greeks and Romans widely used these decorative tiles, and these days, many modern homes will incorporate this design to achieve an exotic, classic aesthetic. 

Unfortunately, the composition of mosaic tiles means that they can be pretty fragile, and such is the intricacy of their design; if one cracks or chips, it can mean expensive repairs or replacements. However, with the addition of mosaic wall panels to your home, you’ll benefit from the look of mosaic designs without any of the material’s drawbacks. 

Cladding Direct’s mosaic wet wall panels are incredibly hardwearing and durable and can withstand impacts that would ordinarily cause those cracks and chips mentioned above. What’s more, our PVC cladding is far more cost-effective than tiling and much easier to install! Once a quick and simple installation is complete, you’ll also benefit from a rigid, stain-resistant surface that’s effortless to clean.