Looking for inspiration for your new bathroom? We have outlined 6 hot design trends for 2022. A common theme to all the trends is for the bathroom to be a retreat, a sanctuary where you can relax, the days of the purely functional bathroom are gone, soothing tones are now the goal.

Green in the Bathroom

2022 follows recent years in that organic colours are on trend. A trend we can see increasing is the use of the colour green in the bathroom. Softer shades of green inspired by nature symbolise harmony and calm. You can achieve this with cool green accessories or introducing plants into the bathroom, we recommend choosing house plants that match the light levels in your space and humidity loving plants to create your personal oasis.

Green accents work great with lighter panels such as light grey or Marble panels but perhaps White bathroom panels are the best panel to complement green accessories. 

Wooden Accents

To continue with the organic theme, adding wooden accents to your bathroom is a great addition to your natural look.

In contrast to the cold and clinical look bathroom introducing wooden tones will add a sense of warmth and relaxation, this is a perfect combination to the green tones referenced above.

you can add wooden tones by introducing furniture but also consider wood effect panels for your walls and ceiling. Another great addition is an Oak effect LVT floor, this works incredibly well with lighter panels, why not use some of the flooring as the rear panel in your shower niche or shelf, with accent lighting this is an incredible effect.

Walk in Showers

This is another continuing trend, we are seeing more and more new bathroom designs removing the bath and overhead shower in favour of a walk in shower or a shower enclosure with free standing tub when space permits.

If you are considering a walk in shower or enclosure have a look at our Shower panel collection, we have decors and finishes to match your style plus shower panels are the easy option, easy to fit, easy to clean and with us - easy to buy.

Black Accents

In sharp contrast to the earthy tones in the trends above, monochrome is still very much on trend for 2022. Look at lighter panels or white and then accent with black accessories such as a black framed shower screen and shower head 

Black Accents also work with our urban range of panels, especially concrete or Metallic Silver. A great addition is our Grey Oak LVT Flooring

White Marble

Marble is still one of the most popular decors for your bathroom with white marble becoming a theme of last year and 2022. White Marble will always have that timeless sophistication

We have some fantastic White Marble panels - if this is a style you are considering please start your search with our collection below

The Simple Colour Scheme

Another design trend for 2022 is the simpler colour palette, you can use one hue and create a stunning bathroom. The key with this approach is to add layers through different shades and textures. Grey colours are incredibly popular and work very well with our white panels, the monochromatic look will always be in style.