The flat white ceiling that will look as fresh as the day it was installed for many years to come. The ceiling that we can say without hesitation - no maintenance required. Ceiling panels are often the introduction to PVC panels for customers, increasingly becoming the default ceiling choice for bathroom fitters and DIY enthusiasts.

Why are Ceiling Panels so Popular?

Ceiling Panels are fast to install, easy to install, do not absorb steam or condensation and do not degrade. A traditional plastered/painted ceiling looks great initially but cracks develop and condensation builds, creating the perfect environment for mould growth. How often do you paint your ceiling, how often should you paint your ceiling?


How to Choose Ceiling Cladding

There are a number of ceiling cladding styles, we have created a guide that explains the five main styles but an important point is you can use any panel in any decor for your ceiling. We wouldn't recommend shower panels however due to their weight.

White Gloss Ceiling Panel

The White Gloss Ceiling Panel is the ceiling panel you will see most often. A bright white panel that is available in both 5mm and 7mm depths with lengths ranging from 2.7 Metres to 4 Metres. This panel will give a consistent white across the ceiling with a gloss finish making it incredibly easy to clean. This is an incredibly versatile panel that will work great with both dark and light panels on your wall. 

You can finish your ceiling cladding with a number of trims, we typically recommend Scotia, Quadrant or End U trims. The trim adds a neat finish to the ceiling and covers any gaps you may have between the wall panel and ceiling panel - Highly Recommended!

White Gloss + Silver Edge Ceiling Panel

The White Gloss with Silver Edge adds a silver detail that will accentuate the clean lines of the panel. Choose this option for a linear design with a repeat. The bright silver detail will catch the light and adds character to the ceiling. 

You can use this decor with both light and dark panels and complements bright silver bathroom fittings. All of our ceiling panels are little to no maintenance and will look as good as the day they were fitted many years down the line. 

You can finish your ceiling cladding with a number of trims, we typically recommend Scotia, Quadrant or End U trims. The trim adds a neat finish to the ceiling and covers any gaps you may have between the wall panel and ceiling panel - Scotia and Quadrant trims are universal so can be added to any panel, the End U trim is matched to size of panel. If you have any doubt please contact our customer services team and they will be able to explain all of your options. 


White Ash Ceiling Panel

This has become one of our most popular ceiling panels and it's easy to understand why. This panel sits in between our Gloss and Matt ceiling panels with a silk finish. With the wood grain it adds a subtle detail that adds a touch of character to the ceiling. 

Like all of our white ceiling panels it complements both light and dark, patterned and plain wall panels.

Please see our Ceiling Cladding Trims Collection of trims we recommend to use with our PVC Ceiling Panels, the trims available in both PVC and Aluminium add that finishing touch to your new ceiling. You can use trims against a painted wall just as well, we recommend our wall panel adhesive to ensure a good grab. 


White White 2 Strip Ceiling Panel

We have two panels with a two strip style, white + white and white + silver. Both of these panels have a 6mm depth and a width of 200mm.

The White + White Two Strip is a gloss white panel with an indent that gives a subtle shadow line, you can run the panels either across your bathroom ceiling or 'down' your bathroom ceiling, the orientation of the panels is often determined by the length and width of your ceiling. 




White Silver 2 Strip is similar to the gloss white panel above but with silver in the groove. This is a very effective panel and gives the ceiling a linear repeat pattern that is very effective. 


How Long are PVC Ceiling Panels?

Our ceiling panels are primarily 270 cms long, with the panel being easy to cut it is straightforward to adjust the length to match your ceiling width or length. We always recommend trims as these not only add a finishing touch they cover any cut edges. 

Please see our guide on how to cut PVC Wall and Ceiling Cladding here.


My Ceiling is longer than 270 cms, do you have a longer Ceiling Panel?

We do. We have a number of ceiling panels that are 4 Metres long. This will mean that you can run the panel without joins. Please see the list of 4 Metre Ceiling Panels here. 



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