For a two Shower Panel enclosure...

Step 1 - Fit the base seal trim to the tray or bath.

Note - the shower tray must be fitted hard against or cut into the wall.

Step 2 - Cut the panels and trims to the required size.

Step 3 - Fix the correct size (re panel depth) internal corner trim into the corner ensuring that it is plumb.

Step 4 - Apply adhesive or sealant to the rear of the shower panel using either a S or dot pattern

If fitting shower panels to the timber battens use screws or nails as outlined in the graphic below...

Step 5 - Apply a generous bead of shower panel sealant into both base seal and internal corner trim

Step 6 - Insert panels ensuring that the panel edge is seated correctly.

Step 7 - Fit side profile trims such as the end U trim

Step 8 - If using adhesive to fit the shower panels, apply firm and even pressure to the panel, Use either screws or pins to secure the shower panel in place so the adhesive can cure.