Shower Panels have become incredibly popular over recent years. It is not difficult to understand why when you compare how long it takes to tile a shower area compared to fitting shower panels. We highlight SEVEN reasons why shower panels are now so popular.

100% Waterproof

Shower Panels are the waterproof solution, the wall covering where you don't have to worry about failing grout. Our Shower Wall Panels come with a range of trims and compatible sealants to ensure 100% Waterproofing.

Spend time considering design options, with our tough shower panels, waterproofing is something you don't have to think about.

Easy to Fit

Shower Panels are easy to fit, the perfect DIY project. You can fit them direct to brick or plaster, even direct to tiles.

Whether you are looking to freshen up a tired bathroom or a full refurbishment, shower panels are the easy to fit option. You can fit using screws or pins or with a PVC compatible adhesive. Regardless of the method you use, you can fit them fast.

Read our Shower Panel Fitting Guide here

Easy To Clean

How many times have you cleaned the grout only for it discolour a few days after cleaning. You can use powerful chemicals to clean the grout but how long do you have to leave the windows open before the smell disappears?

There is an easier option!

Shower Panels can be cleaned with no more than soapy water, no harsh chemicals needed. For the ultimate clean use our dedicated PVC Wall Panel cleaner, perfect shine in no time at all.

Cost Effective

Shower Panels are always considered the cost effective option, a super strong panel that will last as long if not longer than tiles but takes hours to fit rather than days.

Compare the cost of fitting shower panels to a standard 900mm x 900mm shower enclosure with that of tiles. When you factor in the preparation needed with tiles, the cost of a fitter, the adhesive, the grout...Shower Panels make a lot of sense.

All of the style, lower cost and much less hassle.

Low Maintenance

It's that word grout again. Tiles are a great wall covering but their weak point is and always has been, grout. So many of our customers tired of the constant maintenance with tiles, the build up of mould, the discolouration...the bathroom looks tired in no time at all.

Again. There is an easier way!

Shower Panels have little to no maintenance requirements, we recommend an anti mould silicone sealant and the only maintenance required is a wipe over with soapy water of panel cleaner once a week.

Fit Over Tiles

Removing tiles can often be a long, arduous task that throws up a lot of dust and some tiles take half the wall with them. If you are lucky, the tiles will 'pop' off but many do not.

Shower Panels can be fitted direct to tiles.

Our recommendation is to flatten any high spots and remove any dado rail tiles and simply apply panel adhesive to the rear of the shower panel, make sure its plumb and seated correctly in the trims and push firmly.

Long Domestic Guarantee

Shower Panels come with a long 5 year Guarantee for total peace of mind.

You can install our shower panels with confidence knowing that the product is covered by an extensive guarantee.