Ceiling Cladding

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About our Ceiling Cladding

Ceiling Cladding creates a clean, modern, decorative finish to your bathroom ceiling.  Ceiling Panels come in a plain white gloss finish, which is perfect for creating a brighter bathroom. The gloss finish reflects light around your room and the clean white colour allows your walls to stand out.

Ceiling Panels from Cladding Direct are available in 2.6m and 3.0m lengths for longer ceilings. As well as our plain white gloss panel we also have ceiling panel called white metallic with an optional chrome edge strip.  Ceiling Panels from Cladding Direct are perfect for walls as well as ceilings.

PVC Ceiling Panels are lightweight, super easy to install and come with a range of finishing trims. Panel Trims add a finishing touch to your ceiling and can even be used with spot lights which really make your ceiling look fantastic.