Kitchen Splashback H Trim - 4.5mm


Our Aluminium extrusions range is designed to be used in conjunction with any of our Splashback Panels.

Our ALU H trim is 2.4 metres long and available in two colours – white and silver. Use them with our Acrylic Splashback Panels for an internal corner where two panels meet to give a polished finish to your job.

Length: 2.4M (2400mm)

Material: Aluminium

Colour: White or Silver

Suitable For: 4mm Acrylic Splashback Panels
Delivery Info

Our Trims are available for delivery in Zones 1 and 2, please see our delivery locations here

For further details please contact customer services

Shower Panel and Wall Panel Trims - Profile Guide

Our TRIM range is designed to be used in conjunction with any of our panelling systems. Use them with our PVC wall panels to join corners and cap edges to give a polished finish to your job.

External Corner

External corners serve the same purpose as the external angles, the only difference being the way they are fitted. The external corners have a slot either side for the panels to slide into.

End Cap

These are generally used around doorways, or where your wall starts and ends where you are only paneling 1 wall. The panel simply slots into the groove, the trim is fitted to your wall first and the panels simply slot into the groove.

External Angle

External angles are a multipurpose trim ideal for external corners, window bays and other angles.  They are usually preferred over the external corner trims due to the fact they can simply be stuck over the top of the panels with adhesive.

Coving Trims

Coving trims are used to create a decorative finish around the edge of your ceiling. They have a slot for your ceiling panels, however this can simply be cut away to leave the main trim which can then be simply attached over the top of your panels for easier installation.

These trims can be tricky to miter in the corners so it helps to have an off cut to practice with.

Internal Corner

Internal corners are the reverse of our external corners and have slots either side for the wall panels.


Quadrant trims are perfect for a wide variety of finished such as internal corners, around your floor or around your ceiling and simply stick into the corners of your walls.